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Scape Skydeck: Experience Cebu’s rooftop restaurant

Ever wanted to try a different dining experience here in Cebu? Perhaps for a romantic date with your partner or a grand treat with your family or bestfriends? Check out Scape Skydeck in Mactan where it is more than just a restaurant, but also an experience that carves a lasting ...

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Weekend escapade at Larville Pool Garden Resort in Alcoy

Do you already have plans for a quick escapade this semestral break or the upcoming holidays? Are you looking for a peaceful place to relax, meditate and enjoy? Well if you do, you’re in the right page! Let me share you something, I have known a place down south where ...

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Top Local Phones (image courtesy to TeknoIndi

Top 5 Local Phones You Wish You Own in 2016

Itching to buy a high-end phone but limited with resources? I think that is not a problem. Well, not anymore! The solution? Think local. Not the local “second rate copycat” that you are probably thinking right now. But the local first class, industry-standard smartphone. It’s a big necessity to redefine ...

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Moving on in Cebu: 8 Tips from SAWI to WAGI Real Quick

While walking down the corridor, napansin mo ba ang pamilyar na amoy na yun? Yung kaisa isang amoy na nakakapangiti sa iyo agad. Have you tried eating in the cafeteria and suddenly the only spot that’s left is the spot where the both of you used to stay? Tapos naalala ...

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Sugbu turns 2: The BIGGEST Selfie Contest in Cebu

TODAY, 5 October 2016, marks the 2nd anniversary of SUGBU.PH — the fastest rising Cebu-focused online community of today and everyone’s favorite go-to online blog on everything Cebu. The team is genuinely grateful and overwhelmed by everyone’s support. Rest assured, Sugbu will continue to deliver fresh, high quality content on ...

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12 Exciting Outdoor Adventures You Can Do in Cebu

Are you a fan of adventures? An explorer or a traveler? Are you looking for exhilarating adventures in Cebu that will satisfy your adrenaline rush? Well then, this is the perfect article for you. Together, let us explore the wonders and beauty of Cebu and create the best adventures in ...

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Best-tasting local cuisine at Sugbufé

Recently, Cebu has seen significant increase of food businesses rising here and there especially in the metro area. While the competition among the players in the sector is getting more intense, the consumers are obviously emerged as the winners given a wide variety of cuisine to choose from — really ...

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Our weekend getaway at Cuarto Vacation House Mactan

Being born with a wanderlust soul, the question we always have in our minds is “where to go?” When all the known places — beaches, resorts, adventure parks, etc. — have been visited and almost all of them were discovered, where should we go next? The searching never ends, though ...

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